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Kellie's Hours

Wednesday 10am-6pm

Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 9:30am-4pm

Meet Kellie

Hi, I'm Kellie!

I've been doing hair for about 8 years now. Color is my strong suit in the hair world. I love completely changing a hair color into something different and new! I tend to keep up with the different trends, style wise and also hair wise. You can never stop learning in this industry because styles and trends are always changing. I became a hairdresser because I love people. Meeting new people is one of my favorite things about this job. Seeing all different types of personalities and learning about everyones lives always makes my job fun. Changing someones hair can make them feel so confident and I absolutely love to make people feel good about themselves. It's probably one of the best things about this job.

If you enjoy talkers, you are going to get along with me great. I am a constant talker with my clients because I love to learn about them and develop a strong relationship with my clients. It also makes time fly by. We'll get to talking and 3 hours will go by like nothing!

Now that you've met me, I can't wait to meet you! Click the button down below and book an appointment! 

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